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New Area Codes: How they Affect Your CapTel

As demand for telephone service continues to increase, some states are running out of available telephone numbers for their residents. Over the past two years, several states have introduced new telephone area codes to address the concern, with more planned in 2010. How do new area codes affect CapTel users?

CapTel users should follow the dialing guidelines that are set by the state whenever new area codes are added. In Connecticut, for example, new area codes mean that residents must dial the full 10-digit area code + phone number for every call, even when making “local” calls or calls within the same area code. CapTel users in Connecticut should do the same.

If you live in a region where your area code is affected, be sure to let CapTel Customer Service know about the change to your telephone service. Depending on the new area code, calls that you’ve made on a regular basis may suddenly need to be dialed differently. Notifying Customer Service helps ensure that any long distance charges will continue to be billed through your regular long distance provider.

Also, remember to check any speed dial numbers you’ve saved to make sure they match the dialing guidelines if new area codes have been added.