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New Jersey

There are 3 options to get a CapTel phone


Purchase a CapTel Phone

CapTel phones are available to purchase directly for $75 through WCI.

Order Online:

Order By Phone:

(800) 233-9130


Apply for a Free CapTel Phone

Individuals who are unable to afford the costs of a CapTel phone as one of the assistive communication devices may apply to the EDP for assistance. Upon meeting eligibility requirements, individuals may receive a CapTel phone free of cost from the NJ DDHH.

Division of Deaf & Hard of Hearing Equipment Distribution Program
P.O. Box 074
Trenton, NJ 08625

609-588-2648 (Voice/TTY)
800-792-8339 (Toll Free Voice/TTY)
609-588-2528 (Fax)


Third Party Certification of Hearing Loss

People who cannot hear over the phone may be eligible to receive an Internet-based CapTel phone at no cost with a signed certification of hearing loss from their audiologist or doctor.