There are 3 options to get a CapTel phone:

Option 1

Purchase a CapTel Phone

CapTel phones are available to purchase directly for $75 through WCI.

Option 2

Relay Hawaii Equipment Program

Hawaii residents may be eligible to receive a CapTel 840, 840i, 2400i, or 880i phone at no charge through the Relay Hawaii Equipment Program (RHEP). To learn more about the program at or to request an application form, contact WCI:

800-357-5168 (Voice)
310-450-9918 (Fax)

For more information about the Hawaii CapTel program, please visit

Option 3

Third Party Certification of Hearing Loss

People who cannot hear over the phone may be eligible to receive an Internet-based CapTel phone at no cost with a signed certification of hearing loss from their audiologist or doctor.

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