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Purchase an Internet-based CapTel Phone

IP-based CapTel phones are available to purchase directly for $75 through WCI. Requires high-speed Internet access and standard dial tone.

Order Online:

Order By Phone:

(800) 233-9130

California Telephone Access Program (CTAP)

California residents may qualify to receive a CapTel 840 Plus* phone free through a special state program that provides telephone equipment to people with hearing loss. To apply for a free CapTel 840 Plus phone, contact:

(800) 806-1191 (Voice)
(800) 806-4474 (TTY)

* Requires: analog telephone line(s) (also supports DSL with appropriate filter)

For more about California Relay Service, visit:

When you just can’t hear on the phone, even a simple phone call becomes frustrating. Fortunately, Hamilton CapTel makes it possible for you to see exactly what is being said to you on the telephone.