What are the differences between 1-Line and 2-Line CapTel?

Comparison of 1-Line and 2-Line CapTel Phones
Standard CapTel2-Line CapTel
Captions and voice are provided across one telephone line.Conversation is carried on one line, captions are provided on a second telephone line.
Captions must be initiated at the start of a call.Captions can be turned on or off on demand, at any point in a conversation.
Your callers must first dial the toll-free captioning service, then enter your number, in order for you to receive captions of their call.Incoming calls are automatically captioned. Your callers simply dial your phone number directly.
Call-waiting tones may interrupt captioning support. You cannot use call-waiting during a captioned call.You can use call-waiting during a captioned call.
Automatic call-back (*69) option cannot be used.Automatic call-back (*69) option is supported.
Calls to 9-1-1 and 7-1-1 are treated as Voice Carry Over calls and routed to 9-1-1 and relay directly. The 9-1-1 or relay operator’s typed messages appear on the CapTel display, but you will not have sound over the phone line while receiving captions.Calls to 9-1-1 and 7-1-1 are captioned through the Captioning Service on the second line. Your conversation is conducted on the first line. You get both sound and captions of the call.
Calls are automatically routed through the Captioning Service on outgoing calls only.Calls are direct between parties. On every call (outgoing or incoming), the Captioning Service is connected automatically through the second telephone line.
Requires one standard (analog) telephone line.Requires two standard (analog) telephone lines.
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