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Use Caller ID with CapTel

If you subscribe to the Caller ID feature from your telephone service, you will now be able to view Caller ID information directly on the CapTel phone display window. Previously, Caller ID subscribers had to check their Caller ID box to see who was calling.

CapTel also now features True Caller ID, which displays the name and/or number of the person calling, depending on the type of Caller ID service you subscribe to. In the past, if you had Caller ID, you would only see the Captioning Service telephone number displayed whenever a person called, because all calls are routed through the Captioning Service to become captioned.

The new Caller ID improvements go into effect automatically after an initial call is placed through the Captioning Service. If you are a Caller ID subscriber and you do not see Caller ID information on your CapTel telephone, please contact CapTel customer service for assistance at 1-888-269-7477 (Voice/CapTel) or 1-800-482-2424 (TTY). Or send an email to

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