Summer Plans: Tips for CapTel Users

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Summer Plans: Tips for CapTel Users

Summer is a great time to connect with family and friends, whether over the phone or in person. CapTel can be part of the fun – just follow these simple tips.

Traveling out of state?

If you’re bringing your CapTel phone with you as you travel, please be aware that some states don’t support CapTel service for residents of a different state. Before you leave, please call CapTel Customer Service to check that your CapTel phone will work wherever your adventures take you.

Leaving your CapTel phone behind?

You can still get captions during your phone calls even if your CapTel phone doesn’t fit into your travel plans. By using WebCapTel, you can still see captions during your calls. All you need is a working telephone (any telephone!) and a computer with an Internet connection.

Stormy weather on the horizon?

The summer months often bring stormy weather, lightning, and power outages. If you’ve experienced problems with your CapTel after a power surge or a nearby lightning strike, try resetting your phone. Simply disconnect the AC power adapter and the phone line for one minute, then reconnect everything. Check your menu settings after resetting your CapTel phone if you had programmed any special settings.

Protect your CapTel while you are home

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power surges or electrical storms, plug your CapTel AC adapter into a surge protector (available at most hardware or computer stores). This will help prevent CapTel power disruptions.

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