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Pick up a CapTel call from another phone

If you share your household with hearing family members or friends, chances are you have had the experience of someone else picking up a captioned call meant for you, on a phone other than the CapTel. If this happens, don’t panic!

All you have to do is pick up your CapTel phone, and then have the other phone hung up as soon as possible, so that a connection to the captioning service can be established. If this is done in a timely fashion, within a minute or so after the call was first picked up on the non-CapTel phone, your captioned call should connect with no problem!

The other person in your household will hear a series of beeping tones over the line when they accidentally pick up your captioned phone call on a different telephone. This is a good hint to know that the call should be answered on the CapTel phone instead.

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