I have VOIP phone lines – can I use CapTel?

Yes, some CapTel models support VOIP service. CapTel 840i/880i/2400i models are all compatible with VOIP phone service (high-speed Internet access is also required with these models). NOTE: While these models support VOIP service, they still require a physical phone cord plugged in to an RJ11 jack. These models cannot access VOIP services wirelessly or via the Ethernet connection alone.

VOIP service is not supported for CapTel models 840 unless you use 2-Line CapTel. In a 2-Line CapTel setting, the VOIP service can be used for Line 1. Line 2 must be analog.

For CapTel 840 users who do not use 2-Line CapTel – VOIP service is not supported. The telephone line must be traditional analog or DSL with appropriate filter.

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