How do I get captions on my phone calls?

With CapTel 840:

During outgoing calls (calls you place) the captioning service connects automatically to the call to provide captions. Just make sure the CAPTIONS button is on (light around button is on).

The way you get captions on incoming calls (calls you receive) depends on whether you are using CapTel 840 in 1-line mode or 2-line mode:

With 1-Line CapTel:

To get captions on your incoming calls, your caller must first dial the toll free number for the Captioning Service and then enter your phone number. You will get captions during any call that is placed through the Captioning Service. If your caller dials you directly, the call will not be captioned. “Call Me” cards that list the toll free Captioning Service number are included with the CapTel 840 for you to give to people who call your frequently. You can also customize, download, and print Call Me cards.

With 2-Line CapTel:

Simply make sure the CAPTIONS button is turned on. You can turn the CAPTIONS button on or off at any point in the conversation. When the light around the CAPTIONS button is lit, you will see captions of the call. Your callers dial your phone number directly to reach you, they do not need to dial the Captioning Service first. More about 2-Line CapTel

With CapTel 840i or 880i:

Just make sure the CAPTIONS button is on to see captions of any call. You can turn captions on or off at any point in the conversation. More about how CapTel 840i works

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