CapTel 200/800: Getting Captions on Answering Machine Messages

CapTel 200

Did you know that you can read captions of voice messages left on an external answering machine with your CapTel phone? It’s simple! Make sure the answering machine is close to the CapTel before you begin, and then…

  1. With the CapTel handset hung up, press the “MENU” button until “Caption External Answering Machine Messages” appears in the display.
  2. Press the button next to “OK.”
  3. Pick up the CapTel handset, and place the handset mouthpiece next to the answering machine speaker. In many cases, you may have to put the handset on top of the answering machine, if that is where the answering machine’s speaker is located. Make sure the mouthpiece is close enough to “hear” the messages as they are played aloud.
  4. CapTel will automatically dial the captioning service. Watch the CapTel display to see when a connection is established.
  5. Start playing the voice messages aloud on your answering machine. Watch the CapTel display to see captions of the voice messages.

If you do not see captions, or if you see “(Unclear)” during message captions, you may need to re-position the handset mouthpiece for maximum clarity.

CapTel 800

  1. With the handset hung up press the YES button to enter the menu.
  2. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to select “Caption Answering Machine.”
  3. Press YES.
  4. Press YES again to begin.
  5. Following the prompt on the screen and place the handset mouthpiece by the answering machine speaker.
  6. Press play on your answering machine once the CapTel has connected to captions and you see (CA ####) on the screen.
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