Confidentiality of CapTel calls – required by law

As a telecommunications relay service (TRS) for the deaf and hard of hearing community, CapTel service is mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to abide by the strictest code of confidentiality by law. All Captioning Assistants (CAs) are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and confidentiality requirements are strictly enforced. Per FCC regulations, no content of any conversation is recorded in anyway and no transcript could be obtained from CapTel for any conversation that has been transcribed through the captioning service. At the end of each call, the content is erased from the CA’s console. Conversations are not saved, and therefore are never used for training or educational purposes. Any record of the call is eliminated upon completion of the call.

Individuals nationwide who work in areas of strict confidentiality, including health care, financial services, legal support, and law enforcement, all rely on CapTel captioning service for telecommunications assistance. All, by law, within FCC requirements of absolute confidentiality.

CapTel captioning service is in full compliance with FCC-mandated rules for TRS confidentiality. For details, see the full TRS Rules at:

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