CapTel 840: To Access Your Answering Machine Messages Remotely

1. From a different phone, call your own CapTel phone number and let it ring until the Answering Machine greeting begins.

2. Once you hear/read the BEEP, enter your 4-digit PIN by pressing keys on the dial pad of the phone that you are using to call in.

3. Your CapTel 840 will start playing aloud any recorded messages (starting with the most recent one). If you are calling from a different CapTel phone, you will be able to see captions of the messages while they are played.

After each message is played, there is a pause that lets you enter one of the following commands on the phone’s dial pad:

If you do not press any of the dial pad keys, after 30 seconds your CapTel 840 will automatically hang up.

4. When you are done, hang up the phone you are calling from.

NOTE: If possible, use a different CapTel phone when calling in to retrieve your messages, in order to be able to see captions of the messages. If you call using any other phone, you will be able to listen to the voice part of the Answering Machine messages but you will not be able to read captions at your remote location.

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