CapTel 2400i: Turn On Ability to Switch Languages During a Call

CapTel captions are available in either English or Spanish, and appear in whichever language you have selected in the CapTel settings menu. In some cases, you may need to switch between English-language captions and Spanish-language captions during a call. You can set your CapTel 2400i to allow switching between languages during a call. The default setting is off.

To allow switching languages during a call:

  1. On the display screen, touch (Settings).
  2. Touch (General Settings).
  3. Touch (Language).
  4. Touch the checkbox next to “Able to switch languages during a call”.
  5. When you are done, press HOME (HOME button) to exit.

Switching Caption Languages During a Call


The Switch Language feature must be selected in order to change between languages during a call. The default setting is off.

To switch captions language during a call:

  1. The call will begin in whichever language is selected in the Settings menu. A flag icon, , appears at the bottom of the display screen, letting you know you can switch languages during the call.
  2. If you need to switch the captions language while the call is in progress, touch (flags). There will be a brief pause while your CapTel phone re-connects to the captioning service. Then captions will appear in the alternative language.
  3. While you are able to switch between English and Spanish for the captions language, please remember that the captions do not translate between English and Spanish. If your caller is speaking Spanish, you need to be toggled to Spanish-language captions. If the caller is speaking English, you need to be toggled to the English-language captions.
  4. The call will be recorded in Call History as one call, even if you switch languages during the conversation.
  5. When your call is completed (handset hung up), the captions language will go back to whichever language is selected in the settings menu.
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