CapTel 2400i: Remote Message Retrieval

CapTel lets you call in to play your Answering Machine messages when you are away from your home or office. This feature must be turned on and you must set a personal identification number (PIN) for security before this feature will work.

The default setting for Remote Access is OFF.

Note: If possible, use a different CapTel phone when calling in to retrieve your messages, in order to be able to see captions of the messages. If you call using any other phone, you will be able to listen to the voice part of the Answering Machine messages but you will not be able to read captions at your remote location.

To turn Remote Message Retrieval on:

1. From the display screen, touch (Settings).

2. Touch (Answering Machine).

3. Touch (Remote Access off).

4. Touch (On) or (Off) to select.

5. CapTel shows the default 4-digit Remote Access PIN. This is the number you need to enter when calling in remotely to play your Answering Machine messages.

You should change the PIN to a different number for your own use. Touch the four digits on the display screen that you want to use. The selected PIN appears on screen to con rm your selection.

Tip: Be sure to write your PIN down for your own reference.

6. When you have the PIN that you want, touch (Save).

7. CapTel confirms the PIN number you have saved and shows a list of remote access commands. Use these commands when calling in to get your messages remotely.

8. When you are finished, press (HOME button) to exit.

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