CapTel 2400i: Editing an Existing Contact

To make changes to a contact in your list:

CapTel 2400i: Adding/Editing a Speed Dial Number

1. From the display screen, touch (Contacts).

2. Under the Contacts list on the left side of display, find and touch the name of the contact you wish to edit. To see contacts further down the list, touch and drag the scroll bar. Information about the contact you selected appears on the right side of the display. Touch (Next/Prev) to move up/down through entries in your Contacts list.

3. On the right side of the display, touch (Edit) to go to the Add/Edit Contact screen.

4. Touch the field that you want to change, then use the on-screen keyboard to type in the new information. Touch the next fi eld you want to edit, or move between fields by touching (return). Touch to erase the entire contents of a field.

5. When you are finished editing the contact, touch save (save). The new contact information will be saved in your contact list.

6. When you are finished, press HOME (HOME button) to exit.

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