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CapTel 2400i: Adjusting Volume/Tone

Turning Captions On/Off During a Call

You can turn captions on/o at any time during your call by pressing CAPTIONS (CAPTIONS button). When the blue light around the CAPTIONS button is lit, you will see captions of everything the other party says.

To turn captions off, press CAPTIONS (CAPTIONS button) again. The blue light around the CAPTIONS button goes off.

NOTE: Federal law prohibits anyone but registered users with hearing loss from
using Internet Protocol (IP) Captioned Telephones with the captions turned on.

Adjusting the Volume

You can increase the volume of the person’s voice coming through the handset or speakerphone, up to a 40dB gain from min/max. Watch the lights next to the VOL bar to see what level the volume is set to.

• To increase the volume, press on the VOL button.
• To decrease the volume, press on the VOL button.

The maximum volume setting is very loud. People who do not need amplification should not use the phone at its highest volume setting. The volume level automatically returns to a mid-range setting whenever the phone is hung up.

To save your volume setting so that it will be used during every call, see “Saving Conversation Volume” on page 98.

If you are using a Bluetooth headset, you may be able to control the volume directly on your Bluetooth device. See instructions that came with your Bluetooth device for directions.

Adjusting the Tone Control

You can adjust the Tone of the handset sound to a frequency range that is
better to hear. Use the Tone setting to emphasize HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW
frequency sound ranges. You can even customize the sound frequency to
match your own audiogram. The setting will remain in e ect until you
change it again.
You can adjust the Tone setting before, during, or after a call.
To adjust the Tone setting:
1. On the display screen, touch (Settings).
2. Touch (Sounds).
3. Touch (Tone).
4. The display shows what the current setting is: LOW, MED, HIGH, or CUSTOM.
5. Touch the Tone setting you wish to use.

Tip: To test how the Tone setting will sound, lift the handset and press on the display screen. You will hear a recording of first a man’s and then a woman’s voice, letting you check if the setting makes it easier to hear. Experiment with the different Tone settings to the range that works best.

Note: During a call: touch (Tone) repeatedly to toggle between settings to the level that you hear best.

Customizing the Tone Setting

CapTel 2400iBT lets you personalize the Tone setting to enhance the frequency ranges that you hear best. For example, you can adjust the tone settings to match your own personal audiogram. CapTel lets you listen to test each setting as you make changes, to find the optimal customized hearing level.

To customize the Tone setting:

1. On the display screen, touch (Settings).
2. Touch (Sounds).
3. Touch (Tone).
4. On the display screen, touch custom (Custom).
5. Touch and drag the blue circles on the frequency chart to adjust the various sound levels.

As you make changes, test the sound quality by touching (play) while
listening over the handset.

Tip: If you have a personal audiogram, adjust the blue circles to match the shape of your audiogram to give you optimal sound levels for your personal
hearing level.

6. When you are finished, hang up the handset and touch Accept to
save your changes or Cancel to exit.

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