CapTel 200 USB Drivers

Using CapTel USB with Windows Vista, XP, 2000

CapTel USB can now be used with Microsoft’s new Windows Vista operating system. Please follow the steps below to download and install the appropriate software drivers onto your computer for CapTel USB.

Download CapTel USB software drivers for Windows

  1. Download and save the .ZIP file to your Windows desktop (below)
  2. In Windows, double-click on the .ZIP file to open it
  3. Highlight the folder “Vista XP 2000 Drivers” and Drag the folder to empty space on your desktop

Install software drivers on your computer

  1. Download the CapTel USB Installation Guide for Windows Vista.
  2. Follow the directions in the installation guide to install the new CapTel USB drivers for use in Windows Vista

NOTE: If you have already installed CapTel USB drivers in Windows Vista, you may need to un-install the old drivers using the Windows Device Manager before you can install the new drivers that you’ve just downloaded. Make sure the CapTel phone is plugged into the PC when you un-install the old drivers. Then, unplug the USB cord from the PC and follow the directions in the Installation Guide for Windows Vista.

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