Adding Contacts from Your Mobile Device to Your CapTel 2400iBT


You can transfer contacts from your mobile phone, such as an iPhone or Android device, into your CapTel 2400iBT. CapTel connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth® to import the contacts, including pictures. You can select up to 100 contacts from your mobile device to store in your CapTel phone. Each contact entry can have a mobile, business, and home phone number associated with it.

If you have entries already in your CapTel contacts, importing new contacts from your mobile device will add to your existing entries. They will not be over-ridden.

To add contacts from your mobile device:

  1. From the display screen, touch (Contacts).
  2. Touch (sync).
  3. Touch (mobile device).
  4. CapTel asks you to confirm that you want to sync your contacts. Touch (accept).
  5. Using the on-screen number pad, enter the area code of your CapTel phone number. Then touch continue.


6. On your mobile device, open the Bluetooth® settings and select “pair” or “search for nearby Bluetooth devices”. When it appears, select “2400iBT” on your mobile device.

If you have previously paired your CapTel phone to your mobile device, you will need to first unpair the 2400iBT by selecting “forget” or “remove this device” in your mobile phone’s Bluetooth® settings. Then, restart the process to pair the 2400iBT to your mobile device by following steps 1-6 above.


7. Once CapTel pairs with your mobile device, it will begin retrieving your contacts. Follow the progress on the CapTel display screen.


8. The CapTel display shows a list of the contacts received from your mobile device. Select the contacts you want to save to your CapTel phone by touching the name of each entry you want to include. Use the scroll bar or (Next/Prev) arrows to move through the list. A green check mark appears to confirm the entries that you select. You may select up to 100 entries.

9. When you have selected the contacts you want saved to your CapTel phone, touch (accept). The entries will appear in your CapTel contacts list, including any associated pictures.

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