840i: Caption External Answering Machine Messages

Your CapTel 840i can also show captions of messages that callers leave on your external voice answering machine. External answering machines are separate devices that you connect to your CapTel by a telephone line.

To get captions of your external answering machine messages:

1. With the handset hung up, press the YES button to see Options.

2. Press the DOWN button until Answering Machine is highlighted. Press the YES button to select.

3. Press the DOWN button repeatedly until Caption External Ans. Machine is highlighted. Press the YES button to accept.

4. The display shows that CapTel is ready to caption messages. Press the YES button to accept.

5. Lift the CapTel 840i handset, and place it next to your answering machine speaker. Make sure the mouth-piece of the handset is next to the speaker of your answering machine. While you do this, your CapTel 840i connects to the captioning service.

6. The display shows you when captions are ready. Press the “PLAY” button on your answering machine to play the messages aloud. Your CapTel 840i will show you captions of the answering machine messages as they are played. During this time, you may operate your answering machine the same way you normally do, using the answering machine features such as play, re-play, delete, or save messages.

7. When you are done listening to your messages/reading captions, hang up the CapTel 840i handset.