CapTel Employee

“The fact that I’m a college student, the stability is great!”

–Celestine Moore

Celestine’s Story

Celestine explains why diversity and stability are so important to her in a job.

CapTel Employee

“I believe that for some this can be the next step.”

- DaLonn

DaLonn’s Story

DaLonn highlights why CapTel works well with the skills he has built over his career.

CapTel Employee

“We try to create a welcoming environment for our employees.”

– Lee

Lee’s Story

Lee explains why the supportive environment and flexibility at CapTel are so important to him.

CapTel Employee

“I can still be the Mom that I want to be.”

– Rachel

Rachel’s Story

Rachel talks about how important the flexibility at CapTel has been to her and her family.

CapTel Employee

“I can’t think of a type of person that couldn’t be successful here.”

– Sean

Sean’s Story

Sean highlights CapTel’s culture of advancement and how anyone can be a successful part of the CapTel team.

CapTel Employee

“It’s rewarding and challenging at the same time.”

– Tim

Tim’s Story

Tim talks about how rewarding it is to be able to help people every day when you work at CapTel.

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