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5 Hearing Protection Tips for Exercising Outside

Learn how to protect your hearing while working out outdoors in this post.

You can use these hearing protection tips while exercising outdoors during the summer months, and year-round!

Warmer weather and longer days have finally arrived, which means spending a lot more time outside! Summer is a great time to get your daily dose of sunshine AND exercise. If you have hearing loss, you can enjoy the great outdoors and work out safely with these hearing protection tips:

  1. Wear a sweatband
  2. Keep your ears clean and dry
  3. Watch the volume
  4. Protect your hearing aids and assistive devices
  5. Drink plenty of water

Keep reading to learn how to put these hearing protection tips for exercising outdoors into practice!

Wear a sweatband
Most hearing aids are sensitive to any kind of moisture, not just water. If you use hearing aids, we recommend investing in a few sweatbands for your outdoor fitness sessions and be sure to wash them frequently to keep your hearing aids clean and moisture-free. Sweatbands can also help keep sweat and sunscreen out of your ears! Which leads us to our next tip…

Keep your ears clean and dry 
Just like you want your hearing aids to stay clean and dry, it’s important to keep your ears the same way! During exercise, wear a hat or headband and sunscreen to keep your ears protected. After training, take care of your ears by washing the outer ear with a warm, soapy washcloth, then patting them dry with a soft towel. Avoid sticking anything, like cotton swabs, inside of your ears.

Watch the volume
Avoid turning up the volume on your headphones, earbuds, or hearing aids too loud, as it can cause further damage to your hearing. Try to work out away from busy streets and big crowds that may make it difficult to hear instructions or listen to music. This might be the most important hearing protection tip for everyone!

Protect your hearing aids and assistive devices
If it’s safe to do so, you may want to leave your hearing aids or other assistive devices at home while you exercise outdoors so you don’t risk losing or damaging them. If you can’t leave them at home, bring a small waterproof container so that you can easily fit them in your pocket or a bag for safekeeping.

You may also consider getting a protective cover for your hearing aids. Another item to consider is a dehumidifier; you can put your hearing aids in a dehumidifier after a workout to ensure they are properly dried out. 

Drink plenty of water
This is a good idea for everyone! Make sure you stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already likely on the way to being dehydrated — so fill up your water bottle and keep sipping throughout the day!

As with all things related to hearing health and fitness, please discuss any changes in your lifestyle with your doctor and audiologist.

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