Halloween with hearing loss-friendly accommodations can be a scary good time!

Celebrating Halloween with hearing loss is easy with a few accommodations.

Are you looking for creative ways to safely celebrate Halloween with hearing loss? With a few accommodations, it’s easy to have fun celebrating while considering your needs, or those of your friends or family members who have hearing loss.

Whether you need Halloween party ideas or are searching for the best ways to stay safe while trick or treating, this blog will help!

Don’t forget to practice COVID-19 precautions when gathering in groups, depending on the situation or protocols in your area. If you’re unable to social distance, wear masks and wash hands often. You can even make the mask a part of your costume!

Check out some of these tips that will help you navigate Halloween with hearing loss:

  1. Use removable masks
  2. Bring a flashlight
  3. Wear reflective clothing
  4. Use a hearing loss-friendly doorbell
  5. Take a break from the noise

Let’s take a closer look at each item on the list.

Use removable masks
If you’re planning on wearing a costume with a mask, or have guests that are, let them know that a removable mask is best! This allows them to take it off when talking to someone with hearing loss who may have difficulty hearing muffled speech or uses speech reading to communicate. If you’re planning an event that requires masks for COVID-19 safety reasons, consider having a space outside where partygoers can socially distance, remove their masks, and converse more comfortably.

Bring a flashlight
A flashlight is a great way to keep yourself safe and communicate easily when out in the dark trick or treating or at a dimly lit party! If seeing someone’s face helps you understand them better, you can use the flashlight to illuminate them as they talk. A flashlight can also help guide your way through the dark and alert passing cars of your presence if you’re walking through a neighborhood trick or treating.

Wear reflective clothing
It is essential for everyone, regardless of hearing ability, to be visible in the dark on Halloween nights — especially if you’re trick or treating with kids or grandkids. Wear reflective clothing so that you are sure to be seen. You can also add a reflective or glowing badge to your outfit with a message that reminds people you meet while out that you have hearing loss and may have different communication preferences.

Use a hearing loss-friendly doorbell
If you are passing out candy, consider installing a hearing-loss-friendly doorbell that gives you a visual alert, amplification, or unique chime when someone is at your door. That way, you won’t miss the neighborhood children ringing the doorbell, ready to say “trick or treat!”

Take a break from the noise
Halloween festivities can be a lot of fun, but overstimulating at the same time. Schedule breaks in a quieter place away from the action to relax and reset before rejoining the party. For more tips on socializing with hearing loss, check out this blog post.

For more ideas on enjoying holiday festivities with hearing loss, check out our blog!

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