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7 Ways to Get Involved in HLAA Walk4Hearing 2020 [Infographic]

Help raise awareness and funds for hearing loss support.  

One of the ways to get involved with Walk4Hearing is to join virtual events.

HLAA Walk4Hearing is a wonderful annual event to raise awareness and funds for hearing loss support. We should know – we’ve been a proud sponsor since its inception and will continue as such in 2020. This year, the ways to get involved with Walk4Hearing will be a little different, as it’s important for everyone to practice social distancing while COVID-19 is a risk. But instead of canceling events, HLAA has adapted to include safe suggestions for showing your support.

Here are some of the ways to get involved with the HLAA Walk4Hearing in 2020:

  1. Join virtual events
  2. Donate/sponsor a walker
  3. Organize a fundraiser
  4. Share your story
  5. Be a volunteer
  6. Attend scheduled events – when conditions allow
  7. Raise awareness about hearing screenings

Learn more about these ways to get involved with Walk4Hearing below.

Join virtual events
At the time of writing, scheduled walks throughout the spring have all been converted into virtual events for everyone’s safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During these events, teams, sponsors, and other participants will log onto their computers to celebrate and learn together. Share videos, photos, and stories about what the event’s mission means to you. Learn more about these virtual Walk4Hearing events.

Donate/sponsor a walker
The Walk4Hearing mission is to raise awareness and funds for programs and resources to support people with hearing loss. Especially during this uncertain economic time, your donation can help people afford assistive listening devices, advocate for accessibility and captioning services, help fund scholarships for college students and much more. Every little bit helps, so even a small donation at this time is appreciated.  Donate by sponsoring a walker or team.

Organize a fundraiser
The power of individual donations multiplies when you get neighbors, friends, and family on board too! While spring 2020 events will be hosted online, HLAA hopes it will be safe to resume traditional in-person walks by the fall. To organize a fundraiser, you can register as a walker and spread the word about how people can sponsor you. Or, if you’re a member of a nonprofit group, school, hospital, etc., consider forming an Alliance group to support the walk and hearing loss initiatives in your community.

Share your story
Personal connections are often the most powerful way to raise awareness and support for hearing loss. Whether in person, on social media, or during a virtual event, reflect on your own journey with hearing loss. Share your struggles and your triumphs, and let others know about things they can do to support their friends and family with hearing loss. If you are comfortable, make a simple video on your phone, sharing your story in your own words.  HLAA is accepting videos from Walk4Hearing participants and may use them as part of the virtual celebration for each event.

Be a volunteer
Once in-person walks resume, there are a lot of roles for volunteers to assume. To get involved with Walk4Hearing in this way, you can serve drinks, distribute HLAA T-shirts, take a shift at the registration table, or even serve on the organization committee for your city. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Attend scheduled events – when conditions allow
We know right now the best place to be is home, avoiding gatherings.  Once social distancing measures have been lifted, in-person walks are expected to resume this fall. Attending these events when it’s safe to gather are yet another way to get involved in Walk4Hearing and offer hearing loss support. With walks in many different cities from coast-to-coast, you’re sure to find an event near you. To find information about local walks and stay up to date on their status, visit the website’s Find a Walk page.

Raise awareness about hearing screenings
If even one person is encouraged to pursue better hearing health because of Walk4Hearing, then it’s a success! That’s why one of the event calls to action is to get a hearing screening. Understanding your hearing level is the first step to learning about options that could improve your quality of life. If you have a Twitter account, use the hashtag #screenURhearing as you encourage others to get screened.

We hope you’ll consider these many ways to get involved with Walk4Hearing to offer hearing loss support for a great cause! Learn more about how HLAA Walk4Hearing events can make a difference.

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