Tips for talking to your parents about hearing loss

People with hearing loss are often not willing to face the fact that they may not be able to hear as well as they used to. Hearing loss often occurs gradually over time, and many people may not even realize that it has become an issue until someone they care about brings it to their attention. If you have a parent who is experiencing hearing loss, there are some helpful tips that can make the conversation easier for everyone involved.

Know what you’re talking about
Before you talk to your parent, make sure you are aware of some options available to make living with hearing loss easier. Chances are you’ll be more comfortable talking about the subject if you’ve done a little research. Bring the topic up in a quiet, comfortable place, such as your parent’s home. A one-on-one conversation will be far easier for everyone rather than bringing it up in a group setting.

Help is available
Explain that you feel it would be in your parent’s best interest to get a hearing test. Gently remind them of times that he or she has been inconvenienced by hearing loss – such as when an appointment was missed because there was a misunderstanding about the time or that you have noticed the television is turned up louder than it has been before. Let your parent know how easy it can be to find solutions to help living with hearing loss.

Offer your assistance
Let your parent know that you’re happy go to along to see an audiologist and, if needed, help evaluate the different options available. Explain the different technologies that you’ve researched, like personal amplifiers, hearing aids or CapTel captioned telephones. With all the wonderful technology on the market now, living with hearing loss is easier than ever before possible.

The most important thing about bringing this sensitive subject up to someone you care about  is to be understanding and supportive.

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