Tips to Help Hearing Aid Batteries Last LongerHearing aid maintenance is a staple of any hearing aid wearer’s routine. To reduce unnecessary battery-related effort and costs, here are the four factors that play into the life of a hearing aid battery:

Battery type
Rechargeable batteries are more cost-effective than disposable batteries. A three-year supply of rechargeable batteries, paired with a charging station, will be less expensive than buying one-time-use batteries.

Battery care
If using zinc air batteries, do not remove the battery tab until it is ready to be used because they are activated by air. Without the tab, the battery will start to lose power, even if the battery is in storage.

Battery use
Do not keep the battery in the hearing aid at night or when the device is not being used because it will cause unnecessary battery drain. To get rid of moisture or dirt on the battery contacts, clean with a cotton swab.

Battery temperature
Batteries stored at room temperature last longer than when stored at cooler or warmer temperatures. Be sure to protect the battery from moisture when in storage.

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