There are many ways to stay up to date about all the wonderful technology available to help those with hearing loss. Subscribing to newsletters or surfing the web are great resources for learning about new innovations that help people with hearing loss. There are also plenty of events that you can attend in person to try out new technologies and get a feel for the latest advances in hearing loss innovation. Not only are these great opportunities to learn about technological advancements, they’re also excellent ways to meet other individuals who are living with hearing loss and eager to educate themselves on the latest topics. Here are some of the major hearing loss events that take place in the U.S. throughout the year:

Hearing Loss Association of America Convention (Sponsored by CapTel)
Now entering its 30th year, the Hearing Loss Association of America Convention covers a wide variety of hearing-related issues, as well as highlights all the latest advancements in hearing loss technology. This year’s event is in St. Louis, June 25 through 28. There are multiple packages available for attendees, even if you’re not a member of the HLAA. Some of the main events at the convention include presentations from leading audiologists on the latest breakthroughs in hearing aids or other assistive technology, as well as presentations of how these new and exciting devices function. In addition to all the hearing loss exhibits and showcases, meals and hotel accommodations are taken care of with a package purchase, and any veterans with hearing loss can also receive discounts.

Walk4Hearing (Sponsored by CapTel)
Looking for hearing loss-related events closer to home? Every year, the Hearing Loss Association of America sponsors Walk4Hearing events nationwide, all in an effort to raise awareness and funding toward hearing loss causes. From Hartford, Connecticut to Long Beach, California, Walk4Hearing events pop up all over the U.S., with proceeds going toward programs and services to help people with hearing loss. Last year, funds raised from Walk4Hearing events totaled a staggering $1.4 million. Check out the Walk4Hearing website to see if there are any events taking place near your hometown.

Every year marks a new location for the annual AudiologyNOW! convention, that’s produced by members of the American Academy of Audiology. The event is labeled as the largest gathering of audiologists in the world, and their goal is to help increase awareness of the hard work and dedication that audiologists are putting into innovative ways to combat hearing loss. While the event was previously limited to American Academy of Audiology members only, anyone can now sign up for four full days of fascinating information, guest lectures and Q&A opportunities to converse with some of the leading names in the audiology industry. This year’s event will take place from March 25 through 28 in San Antonio, Texas.

International Hearing Society Convention and Expo
Since 1951, the International Hearing Society has been on the forefront of recognizing and rewarding all the latest inventors, advocates and researchers making strides in treating hearing loss. This is why the society hosts its annual IHS Convention and Expo, which is currently in its 64th year. The event will take place from September 10 through 12 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and features many keynote speakers addressing all the latest revolutions in hearing aid technology. There are also volunteer opportunities to get involved with the convention as well.

There are many more opportunities for consumers to meet with hearing loss industry experts. Check with your local HLAA chapter for upcoming events.

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