Veterans who use Federal Relay – ACTION NEEDED

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Defense Information Systems Agency (referred to as DISA) had historically funded services for certain Veterans under the GSA Federal Relay Contract to provide for communications with DoD in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act. Upon review this year, DISA has determined that it is not authorized to continue the payment for the services as structured and that Veterans need to be supported by alternative available CapTel providers.

To avoid any disruption in service, you are being provided the option to move your internet-based Captioned Telephone to services funded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

On or by November 17, 2015, you must re-register your CapTel phone providing the following:

  1. Electronic Serial Number (located on the bottom of your phone),
  2. Your Date of Birth (“DOB”),
  3. The last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN),
  4. Your full name and address, and
  5. Your CapTel phone number

Actions required:

  1. Register your CapTel phone » REGISTER NOW ONLINE
  2. Provide certification of hearing loss » CERTIFICATION FORM

IMPORTANT: You will need to have a qualified medical professional (e.g., a doctor, audiologist, a Veteran Service Officer, etc.) complete the CERTIFICATION form. Print this form and have the qualified medical professional complete it to demonstrate you have a hearing loss that qualifies you to use the internet-based phone. You have 60 days to comply. Return the form to CapTel by December 12, 2015.

This registration is required of all Veterans who use Internet-based Captioned Telephone services funded by the FCC as part of the FCC’s effort to protect the captioning service from potential misuse by individuals who do not need captioning support. Failure to register your CapTel phone will result in the loss of captioning services on November 17, 2015.