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Register Your Braille CapTel Phone

Registration for CapTel 880iB

Thank you for purchasing a CapTel telephone. Please use the form below to register.
NOTE: Captions may not be activated on your phone until your registration is completed.

* Required fields

The telephone number of the CapTel phone you wish to enroll.

Located in Braille on the bottom of your CapTel phone

/ /
Example: 06 / 24 / 1966

Terms and Conditions

  • I have a hearing loss that necessitates use of the captioned telephone service.
  • I understand that the captioning on captioned telephone service is provided by a live communications assistant who listens to the other party on the line and provides the text on the captioned phone.
  • I understand that the cost of captioning each Internet protocol captioned telephone call is funded through a federal program.
  • I will not permit, to the best of my ability, persons who have not registered to use Internet Protocol captioned telephone service to make captioned telephone calls on my registered IP captioned telephone service or device.
*Under penalty of perjury, I certify I’m the CapTel user listed above and I accept the above Terms & Conditions.

Questions about Braille CapTel Services? Please contact: