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Braille CapTel

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Braille Captions of Your Telephone Conversations

Braille CapTel is for people with combined vision and hearing loss who also have difficulty hearing over the phone. You connect a dynamic braille display to the CapTel phone, either via Bluetooth or by using an USB cable. Then, the CapTel phone provides word-for-word captions of everything your caller says. If you cannot hear what the caller says, you can read captions of the conversation on the Braille display.


  • Braille readers who have difficulty hearing over the phone can read word-for-word captions
  • Captions are provided on a dynamic braille display
  • Users can read captions at their own speed and can speak directly back to the caller (must speak for themselves, Braille CapTel does not convert their speech into text)
  • Scroll through captions using the buttons on the braille device or use auto-scrolling
  • Works with headset, neck loop or T-coil for hands free use

Braille CapTel available for English language only.

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