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Q. Who is ideal user for the CapTel 880iB?

A. Individuals with both vision and hearing loss, who read Braille and speak for themselves.

Q. What is the cost of the CapTel 880iB?

A. CapTel 880iB is not available for customers to purchase directly, they need to get the equipment through either the National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP)/iCanConnect, a state Equipment Distribution Program, or a local support agency that works with individuals who are DeafBlind. Contact WCI for cost to equipment programs.

Q. Why isn’t CapTel 880iB priced at $75 like some of the other CapTel models?

A. The cost of other CapTel models is subsidized by service providers, allowing those models to be offered at a lower price than their actual cost (because the service providers pay for most of the equipment’s expense). The cost of CapTel 880iB is not subsidized by service providers, therefore it is not able to be offered at the lower price.

Q. Where can I get a CapTel 880iB?

A. CapTel 880iB is currently available through the National Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP) via iCanConnect. In addition, several state Equipment Distribution Programs are adding CapTel 880iB to their state offerings. For list of programs/agencies that provide CapTel 880ib, visit:

Q. Is there a list of agencies where customers can get a CapTel 880iB?

A. Yes. Visit online:

Q. Which Braille Display Readers work with CapTel 880iB?

A. For list of compatible braille readers, visit online:

Q. Does the Braille Display Reader come with the CapTel 880iB?

A. No. Customers can use their own Braille display reader if it’s a compatible model. Otherwise, they will need to acquire a Braille display reader through an agency or directly from a Braille display supplier. A list of compatible display readers is posted at:

Q. How do customers with blindness set up their own CapTel 880iB?

A. We recommend a sighted individual (typically from the Equipment Distribution Program or through the DeafBlind support agency) assist with the initial setup. Help materials are available at the Braille CapTel website, in multiple accessible formats that are compatible with web-readers and other assistive technology that individuals who are DeafBlind commonly rely on.

Q. How does the Braille CapTel user register their unit?

A. The CapTel 880iB needs to be registered at the time of set up in order for the Captions feature to work. Registration can be done online at the Braille CapTel website, or via paper / fax / over the phone. Registration is not possible directly on the phone as with some other CapTel models.
NOTE: in most cases, the installer will help with registration at time of set up.

Q. Where do I find the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) on my Braille CapTel 880iB?

A. The ESN can be found in Braille on the bottom of the CapTel phone AND it can also be displayed on the Braille display reader by entering Space+E [1 5] on Braille display. The ESN will be listed on the Braille display reader.

Q. What’s not included in the CapTel 880iB unit?

A. Because of their visual nature, some features in other CapTel models are not available in the CapTel 880iB, including:

Q. What language(s) does Braille CapTel support?

A. English captions only.

Questions about Braille CapTel Services? Please contact: