There is no charge to use Captioned Telephone Service, it is provided free to Maryland residents as part of Maryland Relay Service.

Options to receive a CapTel phone:

Option 1: Apply for a free CapTel phone

Captioned telephones are available to qualified Maryland residents at no cost from Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) Program. To receive an application, contact:

Maryland Relay Customer Service
To download an application, visit:

Option 2: Purchase a CapTel phone

CapTel phones are available to purchase directly for $75 through WCI.

Option 3: Apply to receive a CapTel phone through the Federal Relay Program

Active Federal Employees may qualify for a free CapTel phone through the Federal Relay program. Learn more about the Federal Relay program.

Hamilton CapTel
Captioning Service Provider

When you just can’t hear on the phone, even a simple phone call becomes frustrating. Fortunately, Hamilton CapTel makes it possible for you to see exactly what is being said to you on the telephone.

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