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Senior Living and Independence

Importance of staying hydrated in the summer

Staying hydrated is important during the summer.

With a little planning on how to stay hydrated, you can enjoy a safe and healthy summer full of all your favorite outdoor activities.   

5 ways technology is making retired life easier

Here’s how technology is making life easier for retirees. 

Relocation tips for people with hearing loss

These tips will help you move into a new home with ease.

The health benefits of gardening

It may surprise you, but there are many health benefits to planting and maintaining a garden.

Exercises every senior will love

Here is a breakdown of the best exercises for seniors.

The importance of staying hydrated for active senior living

Hydration is important all year round. Here are the ins of out of maintaining your hydration levels.

Top tablet applications for seniors

Seniors, like everyone else, are enjoying the easy-to-use design of today’s electronic devices. Many are finding the size and convenience of computer “tablets” as a helpful and fun addition to everyday life.

Hosting a great dinner party

A great way to stay connected with those closest to you is to take the initiative and invite your friends over for a dinner party.

3 reasons seniors should play video games

Older adults may find that video games become one of their favorite forms of senior activity, and that games offer some surprising benefits. 

Have a ball while exercising! The benefits of an exercise ball for active senior living

Working out with a balance ball can help improve personal balance and strength, plus it’s fun!

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