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PIC / CIC Code Number

PIC / CIC Code Number

PIC / CIC Code Numbers identify which provider you use when you make a long distance call (i.e., when you dial 1 + area code + xxx-xxxx). Every long distance provider has a unique PIC code. Some providers have more than one PIC code.

How do I find my PIC / CIC code?

  1. Contact your long distance service provider and ask them to tell you the correct long distance PIC code for your account. Check your recent telephone bill for the phone number or email address to contact.If your long distance provider needs clarification, please explain:
    “I plan to make long distance calls through the Captioned Telephone relay service. In order for that service to bill me accurately for my long distance calls, they need to register my PIC code (Primary Interexchange Carrier code) in their system. Please tell me the proper PIC code for my account.”
  2. There are several Internet websites that list PIC / CIC codes. However, if your long distance carrier has more than one PIC code listed, you will need to contact your long distance provider to confirm which PIC code is correct for your account.

Why is this needed?

The correct PIC code ensures that long distance calls you make on your Captioned Telephone will be billed to your designated long distance service using your individual calling plan, which typically offers less expensive rates than a standard, default carrier.

What if I can’t find my PIC / CIC code?

You will still be able to make long distance calls with your CapTel phone. However, any long distance charges you incur will be billed through the default long distance provider for your state’s Relay service. These rates and providers vary by state. Often, your individual long distance plan offers lower, discounted rates than the rates through your state’s Relay service.

What is a PIC / CIC code?

PIC stands for Primary Interexchange (or IntraLata) Carrier and identifies the long distance provider you use when you make a 1+ area code +xxx-xxxx call. A PIC code is generally a unique 7 digit number that starts with 10-1xxxx. For example, the 7 digit PIC given for AT&T is 10-10288. The last four digits 0288 (CIC) of the number sequence is what needs to be registered with CapTel Customer Service.

CIC stands for Carrier Identification Code, the last four digits of the PIC that further identifies the long distance service provider that will handle the call. The CIC is generally the last four digits of the PIC, and is assigned by your carrier for use with certain switched access services. A CIC is assigned to each Primary Interexchange Carrier or Primary Intralata Carrier Code (PIC) when you get a new telephone number from your local telephone company or when you change long distance providers. These two acronyms (PIC/CIC) are sometimes used inter-changeably, but generally most carriers should know what a PIC code is in reference to long distance billing.