For Network Administrators: CapTel 2400i Network Setup Information

For Network Administrators: CapTel 2400i Network Setup Information

The following information is a list of requirements and extra detail for IT personnel. This should help ensure that the CapTel 2400i can reach the captioning service from a secured network.

General Information

Depending on your particular network environment, security settings may require adjustments to permit the communication from the CapTel 2400i to its captioning service. Please make note of the following information:

  • The CapTel 2400i may connect to the Internet using an 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi network or via an Ethernet cable
  • The CapTel 2400i obtains its IP address via DHCP or a static IP may be assigned when using a wired connection
  • The CapTel 2400i uses only outbound connections over the public Internet; no incoming ports are required
  • Our caption service is a proprietary protocol that runs over TCP
  • Transmission of audio and captions use 256bit AES encryption for both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections
  • Proxy servers are not supported

Technical Information

The CapTel 2400i uses DNS to resolve the IP Address for the Captioning Service Center. The domains resolved through DNS are:

  • is used for captions and currently resolves to:

  • ( –
  • ( ‐
  • ( ‐
  • ( ‐
  • ( ‐
  • ( –

Outbound TCP ports 5000-7000 are used to connect to captions on these IP addresses

hybridcaptel‐ is used to perform software updates and currently resolves to:

  • ( ‐
  • ( –

Outbound TCP ports 5000-6000 are used to perform software updates on these IP addresses

Static IP:

  • Static IP can only be used in Ethernet mode.
  • Press HOME—Settings—General Settings—Advanced Settings and choose Dynamic or Static IP. Choose Static and follow the on-screen guide.
  • To set up a Static IP, you will need to enter the following information: IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway IP, and DNS Server.

MAC Address:
The MAC address of the phone can be found on a small white label affixed to the bottom of the phone. Alternately, press HOME—Settings—Info to bring up additional details, including the MAC address.

These IP addresses are subject to change without notice.

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