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FCC Requirements for Long Distance Billing

Effective January 2006, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enacted requirements on long distance billing that effect CapTel users. Long distance calls placed from your CapTel phone will be billed to your local telephone number. The FCC requires this for all billable long distance Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) calls, including CapTel calls.

This requirement applies to long distance calls only. It does not affect local calls. As always, there is no charge for using the CapTel captioning service.

If you would like the charges to be billed through your current long distance company, please contact CapTel Customer Service to indicate a long distance carrier of choice. That way, any long distance CapTel calls will appear on your phone bill under the long distance plan you already use. You can mail in the form, below, or contact us directly. If you do not specify a carrier of choice, any long distance charges will be billed through whichever carrier your state uses for Relay.

If you have any questions about the carrier of choice procedure, feel free to contact CapTel Customer Service. If you have questions directly related to your telephone billing, please contact your local telephone service provider.

For people who call you…

The new FCC requirement also affects long distance calls placed to your CapTel phone by outside callers using the Captioning Service “Call Me” number. People who call you via long distance will now get the long distance charges on their phone bill.

If the people who call you often via CapTel’s “Call Me” number have a preferred long distance carrier they use when placing ordinary telephone calls, please have them contact CapTel Customer Service. We can help make sure that any long distance calls they make to you are billed to them appropriately under their existing long distance plan.