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10 Unique Hobby Ideas for Older Adults

Stay active and engaged with these interesting hobbies.

These unique hobby ideas for older people are perfect for people who want to try something new!

If you’re looking for some unique hobby ideas for older adults, you’re in the right place! We have a list of classic hobbies for seniors here, including fun and fulfilling activities like cooking, gardening, bicycling, and dancing. But sometimes you’ve just got to mix it up and try new things in addition to the classics!

Check out this list of unique hobby ideas for older adults:

  1. Geocaching and foraging
  2. Canning and preserving
  3. Video games
  4. Tai chi
  5. Calligraphy
  6. Taking classes
  7. Soap and candle-making
  8. Upcycling
  9. Playing poker
  10. Doing magic tricks

Learn more about these hobbies and pick your favorites below!

Geocaching and foraging
These are two unique outdoor ideas that you can do at the same time! Geocaching is a fun community effort where people navigate to various coordinates on a map to find a hidden treasure from the geocacher who visited before. Make sure to leave your own cache before you leave!

And while you’re out in the forest, bring a plant identification book to see if you can spot some wild edible plants to forage. Just be careful and don’t eat them until you have an expert verify what they are.

Canning and preserving
Are you already an avid gardener or have access to fresh produce through a community garden or farm co-op? By learning how to can and preserve various foods, you can keep that pantry stocked all winter long! Check out these 14 canning recipes, from tomatoes to corn to your favorite soups.

Video games
Many people think of video games as an activity for kids and teenagers, but it’s actually a unique hobby idea for older adults too! In fact, some video games even have health benefits like improved cognition, better mood, and even physical fitness perks if you use a console that incorporates movement like the Wii or Switch. Try starting with one of these games!

Tai chi
Lots of people have heard of yoga, but not as many know about its cousin: tai chi. It’s almost like a cross between yoga, martial arts, and dance. Instead of holding poses, you smoothly flow from one posture to another. The gentle movement can help reduce stress, improve balance, and more. Join an in-person group or take an online tai chi class to get started!

Often, people don’t give a second thought to their handwriting after finishing cursive classes in elementary school. But calligraphy can be a fun hobby and a beautiful form of art. Developing your calligraphy skills means you can make your own artfully designed cards, scrapbooks, and more. Here are some beautiful calligraphy project ideas.

Taking classes
If there’s a subject you’re interested in or a skill you want to learn, consider taking adult education classes through a local college or community center. Even just learning for the sake of learning can be rewarding, and you might meet some new friends in class who share your passions!

Soap and candle-making
This hobby will keep you in supply of birthday and holiday gifts for years to come! If you love experimenting with scents and colors, soap and candles are a perfect DIY hobby option. Start on this page to find a wealth of information.

Have some old furniture in the basement or items around the house you don’t use anymore? Get creative and give them a new life! Upcycling is a hands-on, eco-friendly, and affordable hobby for people of all ages.

Playing poker
People often associate poker with gambling tables, but with the right group of friends, you can have fun hobby poker nights for free (or a friendly low-stakes wager). Poker is good for the brain, and it also makes for a fun social time of trying to spot one another’s bluffs.

Doing magic tricks
This fun hobby will impress the grandkids. With a little practice, you can become a master at sleight of hand! Here are some relatively simple magic tricks to start learning so you can pull them out at your next party.

If you’re excited to try these unique hobby ideas for older adults and potentially discover a new passion, keep reading the CapTel blog for more articles like this one! You can stay up to date on all our senior living news and ideas here.