Increase focus with these daily practices.

Learn how to clear your mind in this blog post.Do you often find yourself stressed out during the day, trying to juggle a million thoughts and activities? Or maybe you lie awake at night, distracted by a racing mind. Modern life is busy, and it often seems like a million things are demanding our attention: jobs, household chores and errands, maintaining relationships, staying up-to-date with the news, planning for the future, and more.

If your brain is trying to think about all these things simultaneously, learning how to clear your mind is a game-changer. It will help you manage stress better, calm your thoughts, and focus on important things more effectively.

Discover how to clear your mind with these tips:

  1. Practice meditation
  2. Minimize distractions and clutter
  3. Single-task, don’t multitask
  4. Be present in the moment
  5. Spend time without technology
  6. Take an exercise break
  7. Get some fresh air

Keep reading to explore these tips on how to clear your mind.

Practice meditation
Meditation is famous for being the ultimate mind-clearer, and it’s earned that reputation for a reason. To stop your mind from wandering, try starting with an active meditation exercise, where instead of trying to empty your mind completely, you practice visualization with words and colors. This can help keep your mind from wandering and give you a more positive experience.

Minimize distractions and clutter
Nothing interrupts focus like a notification ping on your phone, a commotion going on nearby, or anything else that gives you a reason to look away from what you’re trying to do. Physical clutter can be just as impactful on your state of mind, making you feel mentally disorganized and overloaded. Reorganizing can give you a sense of order and space. You don’t have to do it all at once either! Consider de-cluttering just one small area, like a desk or drawer, and keep going from there.

Single-task, don’t multitask
Many of us consider multitasking a badge of honor—ten projects at once, no problem! Except it can be a problem when your brain is struggling to remember too many details, which tasks go with which project, whose emails are highest priority, etc. At the beginning of the day (or the week), sit down to outline your schedule in a way that gives you blocks of time to focus on single tasks. You’ll enjoy a deeper focus and less stress.

Be present in the moment
Are you consistently kept awake by memories from the past or plans and concerns for the future? While the past and future have their place, don’t let them stop you from enjoying and focusing on the present moment. Ways to intentionally be more present include tuning into the sounds around you, the feelings of your body, the sensation of breathing, the sights and colors of your surroundings, and simply enjoying how it feels to exist in the here and now.

Spend time without technology
While technology has brought many wonderful advancements to our world, the cost has been more distractions and shorter attention spans. If you find yourself checking your phone every other minute or mindlessly scrolling in your free time, it might be time for a digital detox. You may find you sleep better, feel more connected to the people and places around you, and have more contentment and a better life balance.

Take an exercise break
One of the best cures for an overactive mind is an active body! If you’re feeling mentally burned out, distracted, and worried about a task you’re trying to do, it might seem counterproductive to step away from it for a while. However, exercise has many mental benefits that will re-energize and motivate you to get back on track. It relieves tension, increases feelings of wellbeing, and boosts hormones responsible for focus and attention.

Get some fresh air
Spending time in nature does wonders for your mental health, reducing stress and anxiety while increasing mental clarity and energy. Combine this with our previous exercise tip by going for a bike ride, hike, or nature walk, or taking an outdoor exercise or yoga class for the best of both worlds!

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