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6 Features the Best Phones for Hearing Loss Offer

Look for these must-have features in your next hearing loss telephone.

These must-have features are available in some of the best phones for hearing loss.When it comes to choosing a phone for people with hearing loss, there are many options and considerations to keep in mind. Making a list of the features and functions that matter to you can help you successfully narrow down your choices. Here are just a few features you can expect to find in the best phones for hearing loss on the market:

  1. Call captioning
  2. Captioned answering machine
  3. Built-in amplification
  4. Display customization
  5. Hearing aid compatibility
  6. Tone control and audio customization

Take a look at each of these features in more detail below.

Call captioning
One feature to expect in the best phones for hearing loss is captioning services. These captioned hearing loss telephones work just like a traditional telephone, with the added benefit of displaying written captions of your conversation on a large, easy-to-read screen. You may find that it’s a lot easier to follow along to every word of the conversation with this captioning technology included in your device.

Captioned answering machine
Hearing loss telephones that offer captioning services may also provide captioning for your answering machine messages. If you happen to miss a caller, you can then play back the recorded voice message and read along using the captions that display on your screen.

Built-in amplification
Amplifier phones allow you to turn up the volume to amplify incoming sounds louder than a typical phone. Amplification is a helpful feature for people with hearing loss who would feel more comfortable with the added volume control. The level of amplification available typically ranges from 50-90dB, depending on the model and type of phone you choose.

Display customization
A customizable display allows you to adjust font sizes, colors, and captions to suit your preferences and specific needs. The best phone for hearing loss for you will enable you to modify the settings to ensure the phone display and functionality meets your visual needs and preferences.

Hearing aid compatibility
If you use hearing aids, the best phone for hearing loss will be hearing aid compatible (HAC). These hearing aid telephones will have an induction loop in the handset that can connect directly to your hearing aids when you turn on the T-coil (telecoil) setting. Once connected, the sound output is transmitted directly into your device.

Learn more about hearing aid compatible telephones in this guide.

Tone control and audio customization
Tone control and audio settings are important features that can help you maximize your hearing experience over the phone. In addition to amplification, the best phones for hearing loss provide additional volume and audio controls. These settings can include adjusting the tone and frequency settings to suit your unique hearing needs. Depending on the level that’s easiest to hear, you can choose between a low, high, or mid-range tone setting. Some phone models even allow you to customize based on your personal audiogram.

These features are offered in some of the best phones for hearing loss on the market – and CapTel’s captioned telephones include all of them. Learn more about our four phone models on our blog or call 800.233.9130 to find the right captioned telephone for you.