Simple ways to maintain senior independenceStaying independent is important to most older adults as they age. Though hearing loss is a natural and common part of aging, people living with hearing loss sometimes worry that they will not be able to remain as independent and social as they once were. However, studies have shown that staying active and social are very important for both physical and emotional health as we age. Here are some tips to stay active, interested and connected:

Try a new activity
Keep doing the hobbies you love, but be open to trying new things. Learning something new keeps the mind active and can play a role in preserving memory. For example, if you’ve always wanted to learn to paint, take a beginners class at a local community art center. If you have never gardened because you couldn’t find the time but are now retired, take the chance to hone your green thumb, starting with a simple windowsill herb garden that can be grown in any season.


Staying active is important for overall health for people of all ages. Even if you haven’t been much of an exerciser, one study showed that people who first began exercising between the ages of 70 and 85 still benefit from the physical activity. Some exercises that older adults often enjoy are biking, walking and tai chi.

Stay connected
Being social with close friends and family members is very important in improving emotional health, decreasing isolation and maintaining senior independence. People with hearing loss might worry about or have difficulty communicating with others, especially over the phone. However, there are several ways to stay connected to friends near and far, including captioned telephones and video chatting.  Captioned telephones make it easy because they work just like traditional phones, but they also show captions of everything the caller says.  Video chatting gives seniors the personal face-to-face feeling of connecting with family and friends.  Even social media and email can help keep seniors in touch and involved with friends and family, despite the distance.

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