Older adults who stay active will achieve a higher level of senior independence for a number of reasons. Exercise keeps both the mind and body functioning at peak performance, and it can boost your attitude as well. Summer is often considered the prime season to head outdoors to work out, but overwhelming heat and humidity can be a concern for people of all ages. Consider these exercises that will keep seniors moving swiftly during the summer months:

Find a pool
Swimming is an ideal exercise for people of all ages because it is low impact and you don’t have to worry about the heat to get your blood flowing. Water aerobics can improve stamina, boost the heart rate and increase muscle mass because of the water resistance. However, simply walking around a pool can be very beneficial.

Tee off
Golfing is another safe and low-impact exercise that increases strength and flexibility, and it serves as a great outlet for seniors to mingle with others. Although individuals will be outside for an extended period of time, golf carts, shady areas and indoor clubhouses with air conditioning provide easy exits if the heat becomes intolerable.

Get flexible
Yoga is a great activity for seniors because it can be practiced according to each individual’s physical ability. While advanced yogis may stand on their head for 30 seconds, beginners can find meditative stretching and powerful poses that encourage stamina and balance to be very beneficial. Yoga works the small muscles in the body that are often ignored in other forms of exercise.

When you’re exercising outdoors this summer, make sure to remain well-hydrated at all times and take frequent breaks.

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