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Speech-to-Text and Captioning

Using Your CapTel Phone

Your CapTel phone is designed to make talking on the phone as enjoyable and simple as possible.

Get the most out of your CapTel calls

There are a number of ways users can ensure they are getting the most out of their CapTelĀ® captioned telephone. Here are a few tips to consider while using your CapTel phone: Visual cues A great benefit of using a CapTel phone is how the signal meter lets you know when a person is speaking […]

Captioning: What to know

Captioning can be an especially helpful tool in various environments for people living with hearing loss.

Apps for people with hearing loss

If you use a smart phone, tablet or laptop, there are a lot of cool apps that can help you improve your listening skills, assess the noise levels of your environment and even make talking on the phone easier.

New tech solutions for enjoying a movie with hearing loss

Hearing loss can make enjoying a night at the movies challenging, but new captioning technologies are helping to make going to the movie theater enjoyable again.

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