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Senior Living and Independence

3 reasons seniors should play video games

Older adults may find that video games become one of their favorite forms of senior activity, and that games offer some surprising benefits. 

Have a ball while exercising! The benefits of an exercise ball for active senior living

Working out with a balance ball can help improve personal balance and strength, plus it’s fun!

Fun fall hobbies for seniors

Fall is an excellent time of year to enjoy the mild weather, community events and beautifully changing colors. 

How art can promote active senior living

Here are a few of the ways art can be a favorable hobby for seniors. 

Summer activities for seniors to enjoy outside

Summer is on its way, providing a wide array of outdoor activities for seniors and others to fully enjoy the weather.

Preparing for allergy season

As the weather begins to warm up, the change in environment can prove trying for seniors living with allergies.

New workout gadgets help promote active senior living

The health benefits to staying active as we age are renowned, and are the backbone to active senior living.

Tips for getting a better night’s rest

Nothing can put a dent on the day quite like not getting enough sleep.

The wondrous health benefits of playing golf

From the fresh smell of a recently mowed fairway to the gentle breeze that aids your back swing, there’s nothing that beats a sunny afternoon spent on the golf course.

The most senior-friendly cities in the US

Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to call home or you’re just trying to find your next vacation destination, there are plenty of cities around the U.S. that cater to a more active senior living environment.

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