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CapTel 800i / 840i Customers:
New FCC-Required Changes

Changes for CapTel 800i / CapTel 840i Users
A recent ruling by the FCC requires changes in the way that all IP-based captioned telephones work. Effective March 7, 2013, you will need to press the CAPTIONS button to turn captions on at the start of every call. The captions will no longer come on automatically. When people call you, you will need to turn captions on by pressing the CAPTIONS button in order to see captions of the call.

The CAPTIONS button will turn off again every time you hang up the handset.

See this message on your Display Screen?
To make it go away, press the CAPTIONS button. The message is a reminder that, starting today, people who use CapTel 800i / 840i will need to turn captions on before every call by pressing the CAPTIONS button. This change is a new requirement by the FCC for all Internet-based captioned telephones.

Why does the FCC require these changes?
The FCC is working to protect the TRS Fund, which pays for captioning services under the Americans with Disabilities Act, from people accidentally receiving captions on a call even if they are not needed. The FCC is concerned that people who do not need the Captioning Service may accidentally be getting captions during their calls, because the captions have appeared automatically. By asking users turn captions on before each call, the FCC believes it will reduce the chance of people accidentally using the captioning service if they do not need it, thereby protecting the funds for people who really do need captions.

I use CapTel 800i/840i - How does this affect me?
If you use CapTel 840i or CapTel 800i, you will need to press the CAPTIONS button before every call in order to receive captions. When people call you, you will need to press the CAPTIONS button as you pick up the handset or at any time during their call in order to see captions.

I use CapTel 800/840 – How does this affect me?
If you use CapTel 800 or CapTel 840, these changes do NOT affect you. Your CapTel 800 / CapTel 840 will continue to work as it always has.

How will I get captions on my calls?
At the start of every call, press the CAPTIONS button first to turn captions on. If you begin a conversation and notice the captions are not on, simply press the CAPTIONS button. Your CapTel phone will connect to the captioning service and you will begin receiving captions of the call. Here are complete step-by-step instructions for making a call with captions and answering a call with captions.

Will I still get captions on my answering machine messages?
Your CapTel 840i will still record voice answering machine messages. If you need captions of your answering machine messages, press the Captions button while playing back your messages. Your CapTel 840i phone will connect to the captioning service and you will receive captions of the message. Here are complete step-by-step instructions for getting captions on your answering machine messages.

Do I have to press the CAPTIONS button at the start of a call?
You can press the CAPTIONS button at any time during a call to turn the captions on. Captions will begin appearing once you turn the captions feature on. The red light around the CAPTIONS button will glow to let you know when captions are turned on.

Where can I find more information about this FCC Ruling?

We recognize that the new FCC rules regarding captions OFF may cause considerable inconvenience for some CapTel users. We deeply regret any inconvenience and want you to know that we believe the FCC is acting in good faith to do its duty to protect the funds that pay for IP CapTel service. We are committed to working with CapTel users and with the FCC to further consider the new rules so that CapTel users will have the most enjoyable and functionally-equivalent telephone service possible.

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