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What equipment do I need to use CapTel 800i?

  1. High-speed Internet access (broadband or digital cable service, not dialup).
  2. Landline telephone service (can be standard analog-POTS, VOIP, cable telephone service, FIOS). Not compatible with digital PBX systems found in offices or some residential facilities (unless an analog port is available).. Standard electrical power
  3. Router - depending on your Internet set up, a Router may also be required to connect more than one device to your Internet service.

NOTE: All the connection outlets (telephone, Internet, and power) should be located close to each other in the room where you want to use the CapTel 800i. If outlets are located in separate rooms, a network power adapter is available (at an extra cost) to help connect the CapTel 800i. Installation help is available.

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