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What is the difference between the CapTel 840 and the CapTel 840i?

There are two main differences:

  1. CapTel 840i is for people with high-speed Internet access / CapTel 840 is for people who do not have high-speed Internet access.
  2. With CapTel 840i, people call your phone number directly and you get captions. / With CapTel 840, callers need to dial the captioning service first and enter your phone number in order for you to get captions*.

They look the same and have most of the same features.

Additional Features of the 840i
  1. Built in Answering machine records voice messages and captions
  2. Extra large display screen with variable font sizes and colors
  3. WiFi Compatible

* If you use CapTel 840 in 2-Line mode (optional), people can call your number directly, they do not have to dial the service first. Learn more.

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