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2-Line CapTel

An optional way to use the CapTel phone.

2-Line CapTel is an optional way to use the CapTel 840 phone that is more convenient and transparent for you and your callers. By using two telephone lines instead of just one telephone line, your CapTel 840 can display captions on every call, at any point in the call. Your callers won't need to dial the captioning service first for you to get captions.

Diagram: How the CapTel phone works


  • Any incoming call can be captioned... even unexpected calls from a doctor's office, the kids' school, or casual acquaintances.
  • People call your phone number directly... callers don't need to dial the captioning service first, and you still get captions. No need to remember/give out a different phone number.
  • Captions can be turned on or off... at any point in the call.
  • Captions are available for every type of call... including emergency 9-1-1 calls or calls through relay service.
  • You can use special calling features... such as Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, or other services available through your telephone provider.
  • 2-Line CapTel supports star codes... for things such as *69 automatic dial-back and some voice mail services.
  • At work, you can easily dial inter-office extensions... and still receive captions.