Best ways to use your assistive listening devices

///Best ways to use your assistive listening devices

Many movie theaters are integrating induction loops.

Many movie theaters are integrating induction loops.

While hearing aids are helpful to people with hearing loss, there are many assistive listening devices to enhance their hearing ability. Here are a few times when assistive listening devices would be helpful:

While watching TV: Some people with hearing loss find that to hear the television they need to turn the volume up louder, affecting others in the room. If your significant other frequently tells you to turn down the TV, you can invest in a TV amplifier that allows you to turn up the volume, just for your own device.

In social situations and classrooms: Background noise can make it difficult to hear clearly in social situations. Personal amplifiers are available for both large and small group use. FM systems are ideal for people that need to hear a specific speaker in a potentially noisy environment.

With your personal device: Anything with an auxiliary jack, like a stereo or MP3 player, can be used with a direct audio input hearing aid. This hearing aid plugs right into your device, so you don't have to try to listen to headphones without your hearing aids in.

In a movie theater: More and more movie theaters are integrating induction loop systems into their establishments, allowing people who wear hearing aids to be able to watch a film and clearly hear every line.
Over the phone: While you're at home, CapTel captioned telephones simplify your listening experience by displaying everything that's being said right on a screen for you to read.

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